Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Final

Reflection Questions

  1. I chose this photo because everyday I have squirrels come in my balcony and this time it was a baby squirrel so i decided to take a picture of him.
  2. The main picture was taken at home in my balcony. It took at least over 20 shots because all the baby squirrel wants to do is climb on things and it wouldn’t sit still in one place.
  3. I chose what Wild Life magazine would put on their cover. I just mimicked what they had and reworded them.
  4. I chose neutral colors because I wanted the magazine to have a theme throughout the photograph. Since the baby squirrel has black fur, I decided to keep it neutral because if I used bright colors it would steal the attention away from the squirrel.
  5. What I found challenging was trying to find a picture because I had many ideas but not all worked out. I got lucky in the end with the baby squirrel.
  6. No, not really
  7.  Yes, I am happy with how my magazine turned out

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