Elements of Art


  • Element of Art: Line
  • This is a view of looking up at the trees which is a representation of line


  • Element of Art: Shape
  • The circles on the umbrella are representations of shape


  • Element of Art: Form
  • The table and lights hanging from the top give and illusion of a 2 dimensional image making it seem like they were drawn on rather than photographed


  • Element of Art: Space
  • The space in the hourglass is negative space, and the sand is positive space


  • Element of Art: Value
  • The photograph goes from low key (black) to high key (white)


  • Element of Art: Color
  • This is a monochromatic photograph. Only one flower is in color while the others are in black and white


  • Element of Art: Texture
  • The rope spiraled up may make you feel like touching the actual rope creating the illusion of texture

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